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Volunteering with us

The association is completely run by volunteers: from board members to hike leaders and from trail maintenance workers to our webmaster and newsletter editor, we are all members who volunteer to help manage the club and the trails.  

 If you have some free time and can check one of these criteria: 

  • You want to gain experience in a new skill
  • You want to meet new people
  • You are passionate about hiking
  • You are interested in the environment and helping your community
  • You want to see great hiking trails in this area 

.... We'd like to hear from you! 

We are always looking for volunteers to help with short-term projects or to take on some of the ongoing roles required to run the club and to maintain the trails in good order. 

Current positions open

We currently have positions open in the following areas:

Vice-President Trail Maintenance

The overall mandate of this role is to ensure that the trail directors responsible for each of the four segments of the trail are supported in their efforts and that the trail is safe and well maintained. This position is a new position on the board. 

Trail Director - Towpath section

Responsible for ensuring that the Towpath section of the trail is kept in good and safe condition.  The range of activities includes recruiting and training maintenance workers, assisting in the trail maintenance tasks, initiating the process to reroute sections of the trail and maintaining relationships with landowners.

Board Secretary

Serves as the record keeper for the association.  Key responsibilities include note taking at board meetings, preparing agenda and minutes, managing the general inquiry mailbox, managing the archives.  Computer access is required for this role.

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