Trail closures and reroutes

Edition 7 of the Guidebook was published in 2015 and is the most recent map directory. The development of and the maintenance of a footpath by a volunteer organization is always a work in progress. Changes to the trails do happen between Guidebook publication dates for a variety of reasons. If you notice errors, or omissions in the guidebook, please notify us at [email protected].


The following changes have been made since the last Guidebook was published:

Map 3

Ruthven Park National Historic Site has made the decision to maintain the trails on their property independently from the GVTA. As a result, the GVTA trail now continues along Hwy 54 avoiding entry into the park. Revised Map 3.  

Map 6

As segment of the trail has been rerouted at km 28.2, corner of Brant Road 18 and Newport Road. After crossing Newport Bridge, the trail (marked "new" on site) now continues to the end of the guardrail. Hikers need to cross Brant 18 Road and descend along a more gradual slope to Newport Road. The reroute adds about 400 m. Revised Map 6.

Map 6 and 7

There is a new main trail off Cockshutt Road in Brantford. The entrance to the new main trail occurs at 43.106201, -80.243259 on Cockshutt Road, Brantford. Revised Map 6-7.

Map 7

There are two changes to Map 7:

  1. The Brant’s Crossing Bridge, the first bridge south of the Lorne Bridge, is closed. The Grand Valley Trail now turns right (east) at km 36.3 and crosses the Grand River on the former TH&B Railway Bridge. It proceeds northward on the east side following the S.C. Johnson trail on the dike and passes the closed bridge. Revised Map 7.
  2. A segment of the Grand Valley Trail is temporarily closed due to safety factors and construction blockages. At km 46.5, veer right and upward - not under the large bridge over the Grand River. Follow the sequence 1 to 5 on the map to rejoin the main Grand Grand Valley Trail at km 50.8. Revised Map 7 (2)  

Map 8

The trail is closed at the end of Powerline Road, at km 53.3. At that point, the trail passes north through the parking lot and follows the S. C. Johnson Trail for about 700 metres, passing a set of concrete and pipe barriers on each side of the rail trail. Shortly after the barriers, the Grand Valley Trail picks up again at about 43.179085, -80.354900.  There should be a left turn blaze on the edge of the S.C. Johnson Trail, however, that blaze tends to periodically “disappear”. The trail then rejoins the original Grand Valley Trail, follows the bend in the river and continues to the end of Curtis Ave S. at km 56.3. Note that this re-route along the S. C. Johnson Trail does not change the length of the trail. This change was made effective September 2016 at the request of the landowner. Revised Map 8. 

Map 9

The Black Walnut Trail in the Alps Road/Dumfries Road/401 area has changed. The trail is now on the road between Roseville Road and Alps Road. Coming from the south, turn left on Alps Road and right on Dumfries Road. Coming from the north, on Dumfries Road, turn left on Alps Road and walk 1.2 km to rejoin the trail.

Note that at km 3.7, on the south side of Beke Road across from Sudden Tract, there are signs that read "No Trespassing". This does not apply to hikers. The landowner wants to keep bikes , ATVs, dirt bikes and horses off his property. Revised Map 9. 

Map 10

At about 43.442649, -80.405752, the trail now continues straight along a new section of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail to km 34.4.  Revised Map 10 (2). 

Map 11

The Grand Valley Trail is temporarily closed in the Bloomingdale-Snyders’ Flats Road area due to construction. Hikers need to remain on Sawmill Road between km 49.8 and km 56.8. Revised Map 11

Map 12 and 13

The Elora Gorge is open May 1 to October 15 and is closed after hours from 9 pm to 8 am as well as for the season from October 16 to April 31. When the park is closed, hikers must follow the alternate route.  When coming from the north, at km 9.8, follow Middlebrook Road and then the 3rd Line to km 6.5. If coming from the south, at 6.5 km, follow the 3rd Line and then head north along Middlebrook Road to km 10.6. Revised Map.

Map 15 and 16

The Grand Valley Trail now ends at the village of Belwood. Map 15 and Map 16 are no longer applicable.