Know and respect the trail user’s code

The Grand Valley Trail is a publicly accessible footpath created and maintained by volunteers strictly for pedestrian use. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the footpath. Further, parts of the trail run through private land thanks to agreements with generous individual landowners. It is essential that trail users respect the privacy and rights of landowners and adhere to the following Trail User's Code.  Follow the following five basic rules:  

1. Stay on the trail and obey all signs.

  • Use the stiles;
  • Do not climb fences;
  • Where dogs are permitted, keep dogs leashed and under control;
  • Do not use motorized vehicles, ride bicycles or horses, except where permitted by sign posting;
  • Hike along marked trails only. 

2. Leave nature as you found it.

  • Leave flowers, plants, and rocks for others to enjoy;
  • Don’t damage trees;
  • Do not camp or start a campfire.

3. Pack your trash.

  • Leave the trail cleaner than you found it;
  • Carry out all litter, including biodegradable items and stoop and scoop bags.

4. Be mindful of private property

  • Be respectful of landowner’s property;
  • Walk around the edge of fields, not across them;
  • Do not disturb farm animals.

5. Remember the golden rule:

  • Leave nothing but thanks and take nothing but photographs.


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