Grand Valley Trail online maps 

GVTA maps can be downloaded onto your mobile device. The online maps are interactive and show your progress as you walk along the trail. Once a map is downloaded, you do not require a data connection while walking the trail. The map also features parking, kilometre readings, points of interest, concessions and hazards.

To download the maps onto your device, go the App Store or Google Play and select the Ondago app. Once the Ondago app is installed, find in the catalogue the Grand Valley Trail maps you wish to download. There are five Grand Valley Trail maps:    

  • Grand Valley Trails – General Map
  • Grand Valley Trails. Map 1- Towpath
  • Grand Valley Trails. Map 2- Carolinian Crest
  • Grand Valley Trails. Map 3- Black Walnut
  • Grand Valley Trails. Map 4- Pinnacle