Volunteer awards

Award of merit

The Award of merit is to recognize volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the association over many years. The award is based on activities carried out in the current and preceding six years in one or more of the following areas: hike leadership, board involvement, trail captain or maintenance. The board may also grant the award for special circumstances at the board’s discretion.  Since the Award of merit is for exceptional service, it is not necessarily given every year. When the award is given, it is presented to the winner at the Annual General Meeting.

Volunteer of the year award

The Volunteer of the year award is given annually to recognize members who have gone above and beyond expectations in volunteering for the club. The board initiates a call for nominations in the spring to recognize work carried out the previous calendar year. The award is given to four volunteers who have distinguished themselves through their contribution to one of the four sections of the trail, or who have made an important contribution in an off-trail volunteer capacity. The board selects one candidate from the award recipients for the Hike Ontario Award. The GVTA awards are presented to the winners at the Annual General Meeting, along with a gift of appreciation. The Hike Ontario Award is presented later in the year.

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