Schneider Park (Kitchener) to Pioneers Memorial Tower (Waterloo) hike 

Hike Ranking: up to 12km and back

Level 2: flat terrain, unpaved and with rough surfaces in places. Not suitable for strollers.  

This trail is pretty and varied trail and runs beside the Grand River. It is mostly wooded and offers good views. For parking, trail description and a more indepth description of the trail, see below.   

Parking: Available at the Schneider Park parking lot  beside the King St. E. bridge over the Grand River, close to Freeport Hospital and on the opposite side of the road. It’s easy to miss the parking lot entrance, which is a steep, unpaved road going straight down to the river.  

GPS: 43.423041, -80.411326



It is important to start on the short trail under the bridge as this curves up to the footpath across the bridge avoiding any traffic. At the other end of the bridge, the trail goes left or upstream, and immediately under the bridge and downstream towards the Pioneer Tower. The first section may have a rough surface and some small ups and downs, but then the trail levels out to go through an open area. This becomes wooded, then with a ribbon of shady trees for much of the route. At the Pioneer Tower, there is a small historic cemetery area above the river. Across the next section of the trail, at the remains of a barn, there is an interpretive display about the settlers. 

There is an option to continue to walk the trail downstream to Fountain Street and on to Galt.