West Cast Loop (Brantford)

Hike rating: 5 km loop, around

Level 1: Mostly undulating with some small hills, single lane compact dirt trail, well blazed.

The trail follows Grand River south along the bank to a pine forest then turns left to go into more woods.


Power Line Parking lot, 801 Powerline Rd, Brantford. Des

[Coordinates: GPS: 43.174607, -80.350831]



From the parking lot, go south through the 3 rocks and take the blue blazed trail down the hill and take the first blue blaze trail left, follow along the bank of the Grand River, under the highway 403.  Take the second left hand turn just after the metal stile and turn right just before the S. C. Johnson trail and continue along the bank of the hill till the T junction, here turn right and follow trail to large oak tree with stone fireplace. Here turn right along the Grand River to follow the blue trail back to the parking lot. Some skunk cabbage fields, cedar and pine forests, cool in summer due to heavy tree cover. Trail Map.