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Waterworks Park (Brantford)


Hike rating: 56 km return


Level 1: Mostly level single track packed dirt.


The trail starts at either Grand River Road or Wilkes Dam and follows Grand River and canal.



Two options: 

Behind 312 Grand River Ave. [ Coordinates: 43.14015526328905, -80.29084921222967] or at Wilkes Dam at Dufferin St .[Coordinates: 43.15004. -80.29359]



A forest walk along the Grand River begins at either Wilkes Dam at Dufferin St or at the parking lot behind 312 Grand River Ave.

From Wilkes Dam, cross over the bridge and turn left and follow the canal to the left hand turn sign, then cross over the S. C. Johnson trail, down the hill back into the woods and along the Grand River to the end of Grand River Road. There is a large limestone rock at the end of the walk, so if coming from Grand River Road turn left at the limestone and go down the hill and follow the blazes back to Wilkes Dam. There is parking at both ends, and the deer here are known to be not too shy. If you have a water dog they will enjoy jumping in the river as the trail at times is close by.