Tutela Heights Trail (Brantford area)

Hike Rating: 4.9 km out and back 

Level 1: Mostly level single track packed dirt

Starts in pine forest and follows along the banks of  Grand River through woods, part way along a field and back into woods.


Available on both sides of the street at 125 Tutela Heights Road.

[GPS: 43°06'22.3"N 80°15'51.3"W]



The entrance to this trail is at the gate on the north side of Tutela Heights Road opposite 125 Tutela Heights Road. Parking is also on the large gravel area on the south side of the road.

This is a 4.8 km return route that starts in a pine forest with a very soft surface of pine needles and meanders and undulates along the high banks of the Grand River, part of a corn field and then in the woods again around a field. It takes about one hour 30 minutes to hike but you will want to allow more time to enjoy the great high views of the Grand River. This is also a very quiet trail as there are no heavy traffic roads nearby. Lots of deer, turkeys and foxes have been seen in the woods around the field. It is also possible to go down the hill and explore the lower levels by the river.