Waterloo Pioneers Memorial Tower to Fountain Street Hike 

Hike Rating: 8km out and back.

Level 1. Mostly level, unpaved trails with a couple of hills. 

This is a varied walk with river views, bridges, open areas, interpretive displays, fields and a playground at the starting point.

Directions to Pioneers Tower: From King St. E. Kitchener, across from the Mandarin Restaurant, follow Deer Ridge Drive for about 1/2 km where it splits left and straight ahead. Take the left turn and follow it around the corner to Lookout Lane on your left. The tower is at the end of the lane.  If you miss the left turn just follow the other way, as Deer Ridge Drive is a loop, and Lookout Lane will be on your right after going around the loop.

[Coordinates GPS: 43.400932, -80.416017]



Before going on the trail take a look at the small pioneer cemetery with a view over the river behind the tower. Take the trail down the steep hill directly ahead of Lookout Drive. On your left there are the remains of a barn with interpretive displays about the early settlers at this location. Continue along the trail keeping left after the pond, At this isolated and unlikely spot you will find a little library stand. Continue past the old fields and overgrown apple orchards, past the fields, and just before the bridge you will find interpretive displays about the indigenous peoples of this area. Over the bridge with its views of the river the trail skirts the golf course and pond. At the steep hill your trail turns left between the trees while the golf course road continues upwards. The wooded trail is level until a steep little hill which takes you to the golf course car park and good views over the river.

It is important to respect the land owners by following the trail markings to keep out of the way of golfers and carts. The trail takes you across an attractive bridge over the highway, then turns right to go through the Conestoga College campus and down the hill to the small parking lot on Fountain St. 

There is an option to follow the trail further to the rare Charitable Research Reserve and on to picturesque downtown Galt.