Highway 403 Loop 

Hike rating. 3.5 km loop trail.

Level 1: Mostly flat, single lane, compact dirt trail, well blazed.

A well-blazed trail which follows the bank of the Grand River. 


Power Line Parking lot, 801 Powerline Rd, Brantford.

[Coordinates: GPS: 43.174607, -80.350831]



This trail starts at the powerline parking lot, which is west of Oak Park Road north of Highway 403. It is a 3.5 km loop going to Highway 403 and back on two routes. Enter the south end of the Powerline parking lot, pass the three rocks and take the white blaze trail to the Highway 403 crossing, then cross the bridge, turn immediately right at the blazes and follow the trail to the junction of the Blue trail. At the junction, turn right and follow the trail which goes along the side of a hill which allows you to see the Grand River in the winter, then continue back to the parking lot. This is a great summer trail as you are in heavy woods and it is cooler on sunny days. It is a single line trail – it has no big hills and undulates along the river bank.

Trail map