Forest Heights Loop Trails 

Hike Rating: 8km loop.

Level 1: Mostly unpaved, undulating, hilly in places. 

This is a loop hike through open parkland, playgrounds, ponds, and some hilly woodland. 

Parking:  at Highland Hills Mall at the corner of Highland Rd. and Fischer-Hallman.

[Coordinates: GPS: 43.430490, -80.526613]



Behind the mall follow the trail up the stream past Meadow Lane School and Meadow Lane Park where the trail splits left and right. This is the beginning of a loop, so you can go either way. If you go right you will follow the power line through wide parkland. Where the power line is joined by another one to the left, follow that other power line going sharp left through parks, past ponds, and over two quiet streets. The second street is at the base of a steep hill which gives good views of the city. Continue along this trail between housing and the Conestoga Parkway, mostly hidden by trees. Continue to the end of the woods where the trail swings left, bringing you back to the end of the loop. Go right along the trail back to the Highland Hills Mall.