Big Creek Run 

Hike Rating: 6.6 km return 

Level 1: Mostly level single track packed dirt.


Available on the side of Middle Port Road opposite 263 Middle Port road, at the trail entrance, or park on the road side at 102 Mulligan Road, which is a dead-end gravel road in the middle of the trail section.

[GPS: 43°06'44.0"N 80°04’11.4"W]



This 6.6 km round trip trail begins at either 197 Middleport Road or just north of Big Creek on Big Creek Road. Parking is available on the side of the road at each location and look for the GVTA signs and white blazes. There are no highways or major roads nearby so this trail is perfect for a peaceful escape. You will not encounter many hikers but will share the trail with beavers, muskrats, deer, turkeys and foxes that frequent the area.

You can also start in the middle of the trail at the southern dead end of Mulligan Road off Highway 54. When starting here, walk west 1.4 km to Middleport Road, or walk east for 1.9 km to Big Creek Road.

Starting at Big Creek Road, walk along the stream and the farm field for about 900 m and turn right at the big bridge. Look here for the tree stumps left by the beavers that live along this stretch of the creek. Continue on the trail for about 100 m and veer past the large pond on the right. About 450 m farther, the trail turns right and continues to Mulligan Road. Cross the road and follow the white blazes through the forest, along the creek and past the farm field to Middleport Road.