Oak Bank Farm Loop 

Hike Rating:  6 km loop trail 

Level 1: Mostly level with a couple of slight hills, dirt single lane trail, with a compact granular return on S. C. Johnson trail.

The trail provides great views of the Grand River and returns on S. C. Johnson Trail.


Power Line Parking lot, 801 Powerline Rd, Brantford



The trail starts at the Powerline parking lot that is west of Oak Park Road north of Highway 403. The 6-km loop offers a wide range of bushes and trees to enjoy.

When leaving the Powerline parking lot, head north about 200 metres to the turn-off sign for GVTA, then follow the trail through the woods with high views of the Grand River. Do not miss the garlic leeks growing by the trail!  The trail passes a wooden stile, crosses a creek on a stone causeway and runs through meadows to the end of a field. The trail then offers low views of the Grand River and continues to Curtis Ave. At Curtis Ave, the trail runs north through wheat fields and turns right on S. C. Johnson trail and then back to the Powerline parking lot.

Trail Map