Kolb Park to Riverbend via Bingemans

Hike Rating: Up to 12.8km out and back.

Level 1: Moderate terrain, hilly towards the Riverbend end. Smooth, unpaved surface.  

A very pretty and varied route along the Grand River.


To get to the parking lot at the Peter Hallman Family Trailway (at the end of Centennial Cr., Kitchener), from Victoria St. N. turn south onto Centennial Rd. This is the last turning before the bridge that goes over Victoria St. going towards Guleph, where you’ll see a huge commercial “STOP” sign where you turn. Go a short way down Centennial Rd. and first left into Centennial Crescent which has a small parking area at the end.

[GPS:  43.476137, -80.427294]



Follow any one of the trails from the parking lot to go upstream/left along the side of the Grand River. You will go around some ponds, under the Victoria St. bridge, past more ponds, then through woods and open areas along the Grand River to Bingemans. Go to the far end of Bingemans to the continuation of the trail. This continues up and down wooded hills with good views of the river below, ending at the small bridge at Riverbend. There are alternative narrow trails through the woods. This walk can be done in reverse, as below:

Riverbend to Kolb Park, Kitchener - The car park is at the bottom of the hill half way along Riverbend Drive, Kitchener. Before walking, take a look at the information board which explains some of the local geology and the adjacent interesting collection of varied rocks deposited around Ontario by glaciers. Walk to the bridge and follow the trail up the steeper hills and the prettiest views along this route.