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Know and respect the trail user’s code

Much of the trail runs over private land. It is essential that hikers respect the privacy and rights of landowners and adhere to the following Trail User’s Guide:

  • Hike along marked trails only
  • Use stiles; do not climb fences
  • Walk around the edge of fields, not across them.
  • Leave the trail cleaner than you found it; carry out all litter
  • Do not camp or start camp fires
  • Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy
  • Do not damage live trees or strip bark from trees
  • Protect and do not disturb wildlife and farm animals
  • Leave nothing but thanks and take nothing but photographs
  • Use trails at your own risk
  • Keep dogs leashed
  • Do not use motorized vehicles, ride bicycles or horses except where permitted by sign posting
  • Close all farm gates
  • Obey all signage.